Apara-lápis de ESPANHA de Marti de EMB

Also from Spain came the well sought after  EMB MARTI  pencil sharpener.  These sharpeners are generally heavier and a little bigger than the PLAY-ME ones. The EMB sharpeners are the MOST detailed of all the ones we know. The  EMB company was in existence for a lot shorter period than the PLAY-ME CO. The EMB logo can easily be identified on these sharpeners. EMB  has made at least 25 different miniatures sharpeners. They are all marked with a reference number and "Made in Spain" . These are highly sought collectibles.

Apara-lápis de ESPANHA de Marti de EMB

Espanhol Moinho lapiseira EMB


Coffee Grinder 2 handles EMB pencil sharpener


EMB Microscope with mirror pencil sharpener


Cement mixer EMB pencil sharpener


EMB Clothes Wringer pencil sharpener