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History of the diecast pencil sharpener.     


The original diecast pencil sharpeners were produced in Spain (Valencia) (1970's)  They were called PLAY-ME. These sharpeners are very detailed and have many moving parts. In the early 1980’s the company closed. The cheaper imitations from Hong Kong took over.


Also from Spain came the well sought after  EMB MARTI  pencil sharpener.  These sharpeners are generally heavier and a little bigger than the PLAY-ME ones. The EMB sharpners are the MOST detailed of all the ones we know. The  EMB company was in existence for a lot shorter period than the PLAY-ME CO. The EMB logo can easily be identified on these sharpeners. EMB  has made at least 25 different miniatures sharpeners. They are all marked with a reference number and “Made in Spain” These highly sought collectibles.


Most of the pencil sharpeners that are still being made today are the DIECAST ones.  Other pencil sharpener names are  “ZINC-ALLOY”  and OLD-FASHIONED”   Most of the pencil sharpeners in the  last 2 groups are not made anymore. They make great collector items.


Our "Pencil Sharpener pages" contains invaluable information for all serious pencil sharpener collectors.


Our Sharpenking pencil sharpener Catalog contains pictures of more then 700 diecast pencil sharpeners.   The pages are organized by categories. When New sharpeners are added they are added to the correct category and customers that have bought a catalog will get notices per email when new sharpeners have been added. SK  stands for SharpenKing. The first 2 numbers of the SK system refer to the Category and the last 2 digits are for the items in that Category.